Wednesday, February 6, 2013

To Market To Market...

Today was the day I realized I need to start writing down my life or I should say our life. How many times have you heard, "one day you will look back at this and laugh". I have decided to document our little life so I don't forget these crazy times. I invite you to come along for the ride.

Since winter has actually become winter we have pretty much been under house arrest in the Kelly compound. As it is insanely difficult to take three children ages 4, 2 and 1 anywhere alone. I had been putting off running errands for days, the list of necessary items to live and or function in our house was growing. It was the wipes that finally got me motivated.  We were down to half a container and with two kids still in diapers this spelled disaster.

At 8:30 I made the executive decision we were going to go out. Try to contain your excitement our destinations included, Micheal's, Target, a posh lunch a McDonald's and for the grand finale Jewel. I was literally sweating the thought of this before the get go. It took an hour and a half just to get out the door. The older two begged to bring their respective babies. When I conceded to that, bottles and blankets were added because "mom I don't want the baby to be hungry or cold". How does one refuse that argument? Without sounding like mommy dearest, you don't. The telltale sign that I should have nixed the trip was the baby and her stinky diapers. I change her. Put shoes and socks on the other two. Grab snacks, bottles, water and we are good to go right? Wrong. I pick up Syd to load her in the car and she stinks to high heaven again. Three nasty diapers later we are out the door and I absolutely have no choice now because the littlest pooper has depleted the last of our wipes.

Our first stop was Micheal's. It takes 15 min just to get the kids out of the car and in the store.  It takes only 5 minutes as is usually the case before the first stranger comes up to me and says " You must have your hands full". I smile and nod but always think "Is there a reason to point out the obvious to me"?  The second most popular statement I get is. "So you are going for the boy next". I have to bite my tongue so hard in these situations. Does it look like I need a 4th child at the moment??? Boy or not. Are these people crazy?  It is here that I realize I have forgotten my debit card and drivers license. They are conveniently sitting on my kitchen counter. I almost start crying on the spot.  Instead I drag the kids out to the car and regroup. I have a credit card on me as long as no one asks to check my license we are moving on.

Target here we come.  Target has what we refer to in our family as the "fun cart".  The fun cart is a regular cart with a part attached to the front where two children can sit caddy corner to each other. It is like navigating a freaking boat. You are now pushing a collective 75lbs of children plus your purchases, fun cart my ass. For the majority of the time in the cart Abbie and Sydney pulled each others hair and were air slapping each other, while I kept repeating "stop it, be nice to your sister and Elizabeth please stop dancing in circles and walk". At this point I am seriously questioning how much of a necessity the wipes actually were. We are nearing the check out when Abbie and Syd reverse tactics. They are now repeatedly leaning in to kiss each other. Syd being only 1 does not have the technique down yet and her tongue is out. Gross. They repeat this a trillion times. Kiss, laugh, repeat. They are not screaming so I say nothing and keep moving to check out. It is at this time E announces she has to go potty. Oh my God! There is no way to fit the beast of the cart into the bathroom. I can't leave my paid for items by the front door unattended. So I stand outside of the doors and E does her first solo potty trip in a public place.  The entire 5 min Abbie is beside herself. "Where did Ebeth go was repeated no less than 50 million times. Lord help me.  We all survived. Next up lunch.

Lunch consisted of the McDonald's drive thru because there was no way I was taking three cranky, hungry, tired children into a restaurant by myself even if it was McDonald's. We had a picnic in the back of the minivan and I have to say it was pretty fun. When I tried to take some of Abbie's fries. She looked me right in the eye and said "Hey mommy what are you doing with my fries, seriously"? A two year old ending a statement with "seriously" is funnier than I will ever be able to convey to you.  It was that statement that made me realize I have to write these crazy days down. Even when it is really hard and completely insane these girls are the best part of our lives and I don't want to forget a thing.


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